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Tokens already booked (based on our estimation)
Registration for Whitelist started at 10:00 PM UTC 27.04.2022. Due to the current poor market conditions, the IDO has been postponed to end of June.
10% of CleanDefi total supply is set aside for the IDO. We are conducting the public sale at a fixed price of $0.3 per CDFI token. The IDO will be live on our website ahead of the timing of the sale.

Whitelist-only Round

Only open to whitelisted wallets that have passed registration before start:
This round stops when all 10,000,000 CDFI tokens are sold out

To register for Whitelist, please do the following:

Register here

Attention: the instruction how to buy tokens for Whitelist participants will be sent directly to your registered emails. Be attentive and worry of DMs from scammers, who impersonate admins about whitelist, IDO and airdrops. CleanDefi will never send you DMs on social media. To communicate with users we have official email and Discord channel.
For more details about the CleanDefi IDO, please refer to our Medium article.
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